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Katrina [userpic]
Car Accident
by Katrina (kmakms)
at August 29th, 2009 (01:03 pm)

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Quentin was involved in a car accident, therefore I shall bring you the news


Mail from Quentin ...

je me permet de vous laisser un tit message, avant de voir tout et son contraire sur internet ... et comme certains potefans étaient présents hier soir, je préfère tout vous dire maintenant

J'ai effectivement eu un accident de voiture, ce matin en rentrant de St tropez, j'ai eu plus de peur que de mal, j'étais coté passager et nous avons fait deux tonneaux.

donc, NE VOUS INQUIETEZ PAS je suis juste un peu sonné... j'espère pouvoir assurer la date de ce soir ...

Moi ou la team vous tiendrons au courant.

je vous embrasse fort mes cheries...


english ~

Good morning everybody,

I allows me to leave you a little message, before reading about this & incorrect rumours on the internet everything and  as some people potefans were yesterday evening present, I prefer  to personally inform you of the details.

I really had a car accident, this morning this occured when I was coming back from St tropez, I had more for fear that of evil, I was quoted passenger and we made two barrels.

therefore, DO NOT GET WORRIED I am a bit sounded righteous man [not sure, i think here it means he is not badily injured, all is ok] I hope I shall assure the date of this evening...

Me or the team shall keep posted you.

I embrace you extremely my cheries...

I love you very much

source : http://quentinmosimann.forumm.biz/ses-passages-sur-le-forum-f51/290809-njoy-accident-de-voiture-t37007.htm


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